In addition to our small flock of Highlands, we have shifted to milking a small flock of East Fresian sheep (the Susans). They produce amazing milk that we offer seaonally whole and as yogurt, butter, and cheese.  We milk from April to October, then they rest for the winter and lamb in March.

All the rest....Dairy, Syrup, PeaProducts, and so on!

Cheese, Gromit! Cheese!

Julie has been making cheese for several years now and has perfected fresh cheeses like Cheve, Mozzeralla, Asiago, and of course Ricotta.  She also makes the best Tomme this side of the Savoie and a wash-rind Cheddar to die for. 


There are always interesting things in the Cheese Cave, so if you are interested pop in!  We can also make you something special, but remember, raw milk cheese needs to age at least 90 days (some of the cheddars are pushing 2 years right now).



As the birds are fond of telling us, only Royalty can eat peacocks and so the only hope we have of monetizing our flock of Peas is to sell their feathers. Now, don't worry about a freshly plucked pea shivering uncontrollably across the winter - they shed their tails on their own every fall and start regrowing them as the days get longer so that they have a full dress by mating season in the spring.  With four boys, you can imagine there are always feathers hanging around!

Trow Heritage Farm Syrup


We contract out our syrup to Matt Hatch's production company.  He makes some of the best syrup in NH and you can either buy it there or here at the farm!