Heritage Breed Turkeys
Free-Range Roasters

Our meat birds and cows and lambs spend most of their lives foraging the fields for lunch and dinner.  Breakfast is still served in the mess hall - with all those eggs, it is hard not to get excited about a crispy fried egg with runny yolk and a wonderfull piece of nicely toasted bread from the Good Loaf....wait, that is us.  Hmmm, wonder what the animals eat for breakfast?


Where ever possible, we use USDA approved slaughter and butcher facilities.  New Hampshire still runs a deficit on these type of operations and so when not available, JHH does a thorough inspection of the facility, the staff, and watches their operation.  If they do not meet our standards of humane slaughter and careful butchery, they do not get to share our animals. 

These birds are available fresh several times during the spring through the fall and frozen the rest of the year.  They dress out to between 4 and 6 pounds, are beautifully tender with large breasts and nice drumsticks.

We are going to try a limited amount of birds over the winter, starting in October.  Let us know if you want to be part of the experiment.


Roasters: $5.50/lb

This year we will be raising 3 types of turkeys - White Holland and Chocolate Heritage birds and Broad Breasted Bronzes. The Hollands should finish between 16 and 25 lbs and the Chocolates between 10 and 20 lbs.  The BBBronzes will be 20-40 lbs (OMG!). The hens are the smaller, but all are nicely developed and wonderfully delicious.

Turkeys: $6/lb for the Heritage breeds and $5/lb for the broad breasted

As part of the comprehensive severance package that we offer all our retiring layers, we end up with a number of stewing chickens ranging from 2 to 5 lbs. These birds make an exceptional soup and Coq au Vin like you would not believe.  Always available, frozen.


Soup/Stew Hens: $3.50/lbs

We process the ducks young as it makes for a leaner duck (not as young as those in the picture mind you!).  These dress out between 3 and 6 lbs and produce a spectacular carcass


Duckling: $7.00/lbs

Soup and Stew

Free-Range Poultry and Grass-Fed Beef and Lamb

Grass Fed Beef & Lamb

The Local Butcher is a USDA Inspected Slaughter & Processing Facility and is where we take all of our cows. They provide excellent humane service.

Trow Heritage Farm is a breeder of Registered Scottish Highland cows, the world's finest cow for turning poor quality pasture into exquisite beef without corn, hormones, or steroids.  They are also well known for their spirit and playfulness.  They love to be brushed - come by and spend an hour or two!

We have a number of cuts from last year left and will be selling futures on our Fall 2018 crop - reserve your's now!


Our lamb comes from our East Fresian milking flock.  Though these are principally a milk sheep, they have a wonderful carcass and the lambs dress out at about 45-55 lbs.  We sell by the cut and the 1/2 or whole. The meat is marvelously tender, get some for the grill today!