From the Farm



We produce a veritable rainbow of eggs.  The chickens lay brown, blue, green, pink, white, tan and everything in between.


We also have duck eggs (large and small) and in season (June-Sept) we have guinea eggs as well.  For you hatchers, we are just now starting to have Pea eggs as well, but only 5-6 per season so they are pretty rare.



We produce superb free range roasters in the spring and summer, heritage breed turkeys in the fall, ducks across the year, and now beef as well.  All the meat comes from animals raised on the farm across their whole life.  We know where they were born, brought up, and they are humanely processed on their way out.  We try to use USDA approved facilities, but when there are none, we do our own thorough inspections.

Everything Else


We are producing some raw milk, when Buttercup and Jesse are milking.  We also make yougurt, greek yogurt, moozeralla, ricotta, washed rind cheddars and the absolute best Tomme produced in the entire state.


We also have maple syrup while it lasts and peacock feathers (we will never run out of these, holy cow!)

"These have to be the best and freshest eggs I have ever eaten or baked with!"

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