Pasture-Raised Free Range Eggs

The eggs are the epitome of farm freshness, each to you in less than three days, our promise regardless of whether you buy them direct from the farm or from one of the local vendors who re-sell our eggs to you.  We currently keep almost 3000 birds producing at various stages in their lifecycle, with a few in perpetual retirment.


Our eggs are ungraded, but the average chicken egg is large to extra-large (2-2.25 oz) with the occasional double yolker thrown in.  They are brown and tan, pink, blue, green, and white.  

The duck eggs average at 3-3.25 oz and are equal to a jumbo or more, plus, you get more yolk per egg and a different protein. Folks who are allergic to chicken eggs can usually eat duck eggs.

Guinea eggs are a special treat.  They tend on the small side but the yolks are as strong and upstanding as the birds are.  The shells are much stronger too, so they stay fresher much much longer.

Chicken Eggs

Available at the farm and many retail locations in the area!

Duck Eggs

Available at the Farm and Farmers Market

Guinea Eggs

available in season!


Available @ the Farm or the Farmers Market