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Our Farm


The farm is made up of several properties, principally the Home Farm where the birds are and the Trow Homestead where the sheep and cows live. 


Julie's Happy Hens (JHH) has been built on the site of Dick Trow's chicken farm, where the last flock migrated south at the end of the 1950s.  The flock record is still stapled to the wall on the barn. 


Trow Heritage Farm (TRH) is down the road a bit on the old homestead, which is rumored to have been part of a King's Grant back before the Revolutionary War and even the incorporation of the Town. It kinda makes sense when you look at the outlines of the properties around the house on Google Earth.  You can see the outline of a much larger square, which potentially was the original outline of the farm....who knows for sure!



Our belief is that we are but stewards of the land. With that as our guiding principal, we need to care for it wisely and keep it healthy.  We do not use chemicals and we keep the populations of our farm in line with what the farm can support.  


You know the old adage - Strong fences make good neighbors? Well, it is true - not just with our human neighbors, but the wild ones as well. We have established predator lines around our livestock and make Russell the Farm Dog do his best Gandalf impression "You Shall Not Pass" around the perimeter.  Then, mixing the flocks with guard animals, we have an understanding - they stay on their side and we on ours.  So far it has worked well!



We run an "open farm", which means you are welcome to come visit.  Not all the animals are friendly all the time, so it is best to have a guided tour, rather than a self-guided tour.  


Some of our events got pushed out due to the barn project, but we are getting back on track this year. We run classes seasonally - a popular one is "Caring for the Backyard Chicken", though we also do Cheese Making (simple and advanced).

​We are doing more and more Farm to Table dinners, currently hosted at nearby restaurants, but the future aspiration is to rejuvenate the barn at the TRH and incorporate a commerical kitchen and a communal table so that the Table can be literally at the Farm!  Stay tuned!

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